Catering Tips for Any Holiday

Regardless of the holiday, one of the simplest ways to take the stress off the day and ensure you and your guests enjoy the occasion is to have the food catered. Catering not only keeps you from slaving in the kitchen but it also allows you to more easily impress your guests with a festive party theme and unique dishes. Whether you choose a full meal or opt for an array of small party dishes, keep these tips in mind before you choose your holiday party menu from caterers in Atlanta.

Choose a Theme

When guests attend a holiday party, they often hope for a festive, holiday-themed event. While, as a host, this may be stressful, incorporating a theme into your festivities is a simple way to pull together the food and decor of the day. Choose a theme that’s simple, fun, and festive, and find basic ways to apply it. You can do this by adding color-coordinated decor, like red, white, and blue tablecloths for the Fourth of July, or by choosing foods that match the tone of your party, like rich hors d’oeuvres for a Christmas party or festive cocktails for New Year’s Eve. Talk with catering companies in Atlanta to get suggestions and to find creative ways to make your food match your day.

Consider Special Dietary Needs

One of the best reasons to cater your next holiday event is to pass the hassle of coordinating your guests’ unique dietary preferences on to your caterer. As you plan your party, take note of any guests who may need a special gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian dish. Ask your caterer to incorporate unique plates for those guests into the menu or to include tasty alternative dishes at a buffet that will allow every guest to find something delicious that meets their dietary needs.

Think Outside the Box

By catering your event, you expand your food options beyond what you’re capable of cooking yourself. This allows you a unique opportunity to get creative with your menu. As you plan, work with your caterer to choose fun and distinct food items. Discuss unique cocktail combinations, plating options, and color schemes that will make your event extra memorable for your guests.

As you prepare for your next holiday get-together, save time and stress by choosing quality caterers in Atlanta. Whether you go all out or keep it simple, don’t forget these basic tips for planning your food and theme for the evening. Work with your caterer to design a noteworthy event and then let the caterer do all the heavy lifting while you enjoy your party with friends.

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