Out-of-School Summer Catering Tips

When school lets out, the fun can begin. Whether you’re planning family reunions, graduation parties, or pool parties, we can help you plan your events. From sandwiches to salad bars, as a top catering company in Atlanta, we’ll help you provide food that will satisfy every guest.

Graduation Celebrations

The first events of the late spring and early summer period are usually graduation parties. Because graduations from high school or college are such big events, many families spread out the festivities over several days and meals. For the morning of the ceremony, we recommend filling up the nervous grad and all the relatives with a breakfast buffet.

Many breakfast caterers near Atlanta provide limited choices. However, to satisfy a range of tastes, we recommend a full breakfast with egg, pancake, meat, juice, and pastry options. A good breakfast will put everyone in good spirits and start the out-of-school season right.

Start-of-Summer Pool Parties

When your kids get out of school, having a family or neighborhood pool party can set a fun tone for the rest of the break period. If you’re inviting a lot of people, getting catering can save you the time and hassle of having to make all the food or coordinate a pot luck. A light deli build-your-own sandwich spread can give everyone the breads, meats, and condiments that they love. Add pasta salads to your catering order, or even a dessert spread if you really want your friends to love you.

Family Reunions

The summer season also means the potential joy and awkwardness of family reunions. Catering can prevent you from having to choose which grandmother to ask to bring what dish (potentially avoiding family drama). We recommend picking out hot lunch or dinner spreads like a lasagna or penne bar or having an old-fashioned BBQ with brisket, wings, or pulled pork. To get a full list of options for catering services in Atlanta, contact us about customizing a menu and the details.

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