What to Include in a Quote to a Caterer

If you are hosting an event, hiring catering in Atlanta makes any event a breeze. It doesn’t even matter the size or scale of your event—catering is a great choice for private birthdays or major corporate events. Consider the many decisions you need to make as host of your event: food, including what, how much, and when; theme; décor; set up; and staff, just to name a few. A good caterer will help you navigate and execute each and every one of these decisions and so much more. 

To make sure you get a good quote when hiring a caterer, you should include all of the following in your request:

  • Theme. Discuss the theme of your event with the caterer. Your theme can be simple or extravagant, but always run it by your caterer. You will be amazed at what a talented caterer can do to highlight your theme and bring it to the center of your event!
  • Decor. Every event needs a bit of decoration to make it memorable. Caterers can provide as much or as little decoration as you desire. Tablecloths, centerpieces, and flowers are some of the most common decorating ideas, but your theme may call for additional ornamentation. Discuss your needs with the caterer during the quote process to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Food. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, snacks, or a fancy dinner, discuss the food at length with your caterer. Make your expectations clear so you can get an accurate quote. A caterer can take your basic ideas and turn them into a feast every guest will remember. Caterers are experts in food pairings and in calculating quantities, so when you use a caterer, you can be sure every guest will have plenty of delicious food to eat. Caterers can also help you manage the timing of food at your event and ensure that hot food is served hot, cold food is served cold, and that everyone gets food without needing to wait long periods of time. No one wants hungry or impatient guests!

  • Service Ware. Depending upon your venue, a caterer may need to provide service ware as part of their package. Make sure you discuss this issue with your venue and your caterer to make certain that service ware will be provided by someone.
  • Staff. Some events require staff to perform services such as serving food, mixing omelets, bussing tables, or working in the kitchen. Your caterer is prepared to provide staff for your event, so a discussion about staffing must be part of the quote preparation process.

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