7 Questions to Ask before Hiring Corporate Caterers

If you’ve been given the task of planning a corporate event, you might be under a lot of pressure. Whether you’re planning your first or 30th corporate event, the same stresses can come to mind every time. If you’re planning a corporate breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’re going to need food. Chances are you won’t want to cook all of the food at home before the gathering, so you’re looking for a corporate caterer in Atlanta. Hiring the right catering company for your corporate event can be tricky. There are a handful of questions you want to ask before making any commitments. 

  • “Who am I meeting with?” When you first speak with a catering company, it can be difficult to know exactly who you’re speaking with. Make sure you know if you’re speaking with a manager, the owner, or simply an employee. Knowing who you’re talking to can make your hiring process run much smoother.
  • “What other services do you offer?” Some catering companies are able to provide a bar service instead of just a couple two-liters of Diet Coke. Even if they don’t run a bar service, they might offer package deals that make your corporate catering experience much more convenient.
  • “Do you clean up after you’re done?” You’ve already got the stress on your plate of planning the entire corporate event—you don’t want to clean up after it too. You want to make sure that you know whether or not this corporate caterer cleans up after they’re done. Sometimes it doesn’t quite make sense to clean up after a company which you hired to perform a service, unless you want to wash all the plates and sweep up the crumbs.

  • “Where do you get your ingredients?” The answer to this question can give you a lot of information about the quality of the food. If the corporate caterer gets the majority of their ingredients from a local farmer or farmer’s market, then the company’s food is not only fresh, but seasonal. This means the company is probably more likely to tweak their menu according to your tastes and preferences.
  • “How flexible are you about your menu?” Some catering companies will stick strictly to their menu, allowing no room for change. On the other hand, some companies will take completely custom orders, making you whatever your heart desires. You want to know whether or not you can slightly change their menu and substitute certain foods for others, or if you can specifically request something.
  • “How early in advance do you cook the food?” You want to know whether or not your food has been frozen for three weeks prior to your event, which affects the taste and overall quality.
  • “Can I get a broken-down estimate?” Getting a written estimate of the cost will help your decision making process. Some catering companies charge “per-head,” while others charge based upon the ingredients they use.


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