7 Things to Consider When Hiring Corporate Caterers

When it comes to a corporate or social event, there are few things that can set the mood quite like the food and drinks. The appearance, taste, and impression of the food and drinks can either leave people in awe or appalled. When you start considering which corporate caterers in Atlanta to hire, you might get a little overwhelmed. With seemingly so many different choices, it can be hard to know if you’re making the right decision. There are a few things that you want to consider during your hiring process.

  • What Kind of Food Do You Want? When it comes to the food that you will be serving at your corporate event, you’re probably either picky or you don’t care at all. If you don’t care at all, the decision might be a little easier for you. If you have a specific food in mind, make sure that you ask the catering company if they serve this food, or find a company that specializes in making it. Be sure that you watch out for any common food allergies that people may have, such as peanuts.
  • Responsiveness and Personal Interest in Your Needs: You want the company that you hire to care about what you need. A proper catering company should be learning as much as they can about you during the first few conversations that you have. They need to be responsive to any questions and qualms that you may have.
  • Can This Catering Company Handle the Event You Are Having? If you are having an event with 300-plus people, the company you’re looking into might not be able to help you. Every company knows just what they can handle and what they can’t. Ask them what the largest number of people they have catered for is.
  • Flexibility with Menu Options: A lot of catering companies only offer a preset menu. That can complicate things if you want to switch it up and get a little variety at your party. Ask the company if they are willing to let you substitute specific items or customize your order. Keep in mind that not every catering company will be willing to change their menu for you.
  • Are They Willing to Let You Taste Their Food? If you want to impress a lot of people at your corporate event, it can be a little hard to do if you order bad food. Of course you won’t know how the food tastes until after you taste it.
  • People You Can Talk To: If you have any questions or worries about the way things will go, you need someone you can talk to. You want to make sure that the team is willing to walk you through the process even after it has started.
  • Do They Completely Explain Everything in the Contract? You don’t want to leave any wiggle room. The contract they provide you should thoroughly explain all of the details of the catering plan.

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