How to Select the Best Catering Company for Corporate Lunch

Getting ready to book a corporate lunch? Choosing the right caterer is important. You probably have different tastes and allergies to account for as well as a budget! And if you’re catering for some honored guests or business partners, you want to leave the right impression with food that tastes as excellent as it looks. Follow these tips to help you get the best corporate lunch catering in Atlanta you can.  

Meeting Dietary Needs

One of your very first steps is to search caterers and their menus. Most corporate caterers will try to make it as easy for you as possible by posting their menus online. If they don’t, don’t bother pursuing them. With readily available menus, you can quickly determine if all of your guests’ dietary needs will be met. Is it possible to know the restrictions of all of your guests? Sometimes it’s not. Most caterers understand this too and they make sure all of the bases are covered: dairy, eggs, nuts, gluten, etc. Online catering menus should explicitly state whether they can accommodate all of these dietary restrictions.

An Appealing Menu

Of course, a menu that meets dietary needs isn’t worth much if it isn’t also delicious and interesting. There should be several items on the menu that make you start to salivate! You can often tell by the way just in how the menu is presented whether catering companies take pride in their culinary offerings. Are the menu items descriptive? Do they entice you with spices and herbs and special sauces and an array of flavors?  For a corporate lunch that really impresses, you want a menu that appeals to sight, taste, and texture.

References and Referrals

If you’ve been a guest at someone else’s corporate lunch, then that’s a good place to start when looking for referrals. If you were impressed, go ahead and request the caterer’s information. If any of your business acquaintances have been pleased by another lunch, ask them who impressed them. If you have found a caterer who you think is good but you don’t have a personal referral, ask the company for references. It’s a business relationship, after all. Your own reference is important too. Why not ask them if they can arrange a testing so you can form your opinion about their quality?

Custom Catering for Specific Groups

No corporate luncheon is exactly the same. When booking a caterer, consider not only the dietary restrictions, but the size of your group, the layout of the meeting place, the topics to be discussed, and the general purpose of the meeting. Are you boosting morale? Are you enticing a new business partner or employee? Are you rewarding a top performer? Are you planning next year’s budget? The catered menu should reflect the function of the lunch. Also, ask the caterer if they specialize in catering to groups of specific sizes or if they offer special pricing.

The Most Important Thing to You

Finally, decide what is the most important thing to you. What is this meeting going to accomplish? Do you want to save money? Do you want to impress your guests? Convey your object to your corporate caterer and ask them what they can do to help you meet your goals. An experienced caterer will be able to make suggestions and accommodations that meet your needs.

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