5 Ways to Save Money on Catering for Weddings

One of your biggest wedding expenses will undoubtedly be catering. This is the best area to save a few extra dollars, because weddings come with a lot of other expenses too! Your Atlanta wedding can still be fancy and fabulous while using these tips to cut back on the catering costs. 

Check Out the Competition

Wedding catering is a big industry, and there are lots of companies out there vying for your business. You don’t have to go with the first place that catches your eye or the place that your cousin chose and that everyone absolutely raved about. Think outside the box. Visit food trucks, restaurants, and catering companies that are maybe a little less known for weddings and you’ll find that they are so eager to get your business, that they might be willing to offer you a screaming deal. When getting quotes from different catering companies in Atlanta, don’t be afraid to say that such-and-such company offered me this, what can you do for me?

Try a Different Menu Experience

Wedding menus tend to follow the same formula: hors d’oeuvres, a salad, an entrée, and dessert. But there are lots of different menu items out there sure to please guests with originality! In fact, wedding buffets are becoming more and more common because they are cost-effective and allow guests to choose only the food items that appeal to them. Many brides and grooms have opted for a dessert buffet, including different flavors of ice cream and a whole spread of toppings for guests to choose. Waffle buffets are also popular, from chocolate to berry toppings. Another bonus? A buffet gives your guests more opportunity to mingle.

Provide Your Own Tableware

You can save a surprising amount of money on catering services if you provide your own silverware, linens, and other settings. Spread the word among your extended family to find out whom out there has some fine silverware they’d be willing to lend, or who is willing to put their floral arranging skills to use for you. People who have put on weddings before are usually quite generous when they find out a future bride and groom need help providing for their wedding day.

Invite Fewer Guests

It seems obvious that the fewer guests you invite, the less you have to provide, the less money you spend. Take a careful look at your guest list and decide who is really necessary. Sometimes brides and grooms let themselves be pressured into inviting many guests who they don’t know and whom they will likely never meet again. This is your day. Invite the loved ones who will make your day more special, not more expensive.

Get an Itemized List of Charges

Even with a more modest guest list, catering for weddings in Atlanta can get out of hand if you don’t monitor the incoming charges. Ask your wedding caterers of choice to provide you with an upfront list of all the charges that will be applied to your day, down to the linens and the staff they will provide at your reception. Ask them to help you cut back on some things, and express to them that you do not want any surprise charges for the catered event. Some companies look for ways that they can charge you more, but if they know that you are scrutinizing their service and monitoring charges, they will be more mindful of your wishes.

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