Your Guide Toward a Prosperous Catering Business

If you dream of shrimp cocktails and your perfect idea of a fun Friday night is spent in the kitchen one-upping your muffin skills from last week, then a life spent in catering might be a good fit for you. There’s a right way and a wrong way to start a catering business in Atlanta, so here are some tips on how to get it right from the beginning.

Experience Makes a Huge Difference

You may want to launch out on your own right away, and the freedom of running your own business is certainly appealing, but you should consider the benefits of taking a learning role first. Study the skills and the systems that it takes to run a successful catering business by taking a job working for someone else. Once you master the ropes, then you’ll be better suited to start out on your own.

Understand the Legal Requirements

There are certain steps you have to take from a legal standpoint to make sure that you and your business are really ready to open. Whether it’s picking out a name or having the food licensing that you need, you need to be aware of what it will take in order to properly get started on the right foot.

Get an Infrastructure

There are plenty of little details that help make a catering company come together. The perfect yeast rolls don’t just happen. You need to establish your own system—or at least have one in mind that you can build on. Where are your ingredients going to come from? Where are you going to store them? Are you going to have your own facility, and if so are you going to rent it or buy it? These small details that make up your overall business system are what will ultimately help lead your business to success, just as much as the food itself.

Costs and Pricing

This is a business. That means that you need to make sure that, by some margin, you are making a profit in order to sustain yourself and your employees. It may take a couple of months to really get the kinks worked out, but overall it’s up to you to establish the right balance between what you spend and your pricing on your items and services. Once again, it will come in handy when you’re establishing pricing by having experience working for another catering business and getting an idea of how they operate, and they can help your catering business in Atlanta be that much more profitable.

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