5 Tips for Finding Experienced Catering Service

Finding an experienced caterer is easy. All you need to know is when the company was established and how many jobs it has done over the years. Finding a good caterer, on the other hand, may be a little more difficult. Here are 5 tips that we at Art of Food in Atlanta have found to be helpful when people are looking for a catering service.

Menu Selection

Whether you need corporate lunch catering in Atlanta or are doing something a little less business-like, the menu offerings of a catering service are critical. With businesses, it is important to make sure that everyone has something to eat at the lunch. That may mean offering food that is gluten-free, free from allergens, and vegetarian or vegan. (And, no, a plain salad does not cut it as a vegetarian option.)

Food Sampling

When it comes to wedding catering in Atlanta, it is important to taste the types of food that will be served. Your event deserves to stand out, and food is the easiest way to get that to happen. Rubber chicken is far too common at many events.

Kitchen Cleanliness

If you have picked out a couple of places that you think will do a good job catering, check out their kitchens. The cleaner and more organized a kitchen, the less likely that your food will be contaminated. No one wants their picnic catering in Atlanta to end in food poisoning. A clean kitchen is the first step to avoiding disease transmitted through foods.

Customer Service

If the caterer treats you more like an annoyance than a guest, chances are that he or she won’t do better in the future. There is a possibility that you caught the caterer on a particularly bad day or at a bad time, so checking the online reviews and the Better Business Bureau might help you get a better feel for the catering business.

Setting Things Up

Catering services in Atlanta are often involved in setting up the event. Things like table decor and place settings need to look good. Ask the caterer to see examples of events from the past and check out how the tables look. If they were well done, chances are that the caterer will be good at the details and that means the food will probably be great as well. Of course, experience does mean something when it comes to catering, so taking into account the longevity of a company makes sense because it means that they have satisfied enough people to continue being in business.

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