6 Tips to Finding the Perfect Corporate Caterer

Without the right food, your corporate event could crash and burn. With so many different catering companies in Atlanta, finding one that provides excellent service and tasty food can be difficult. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find the right caterer for your next soiree.

    • Check out their selection of food. A good caterer will have a wide variety of foods available on their menu. Even though they may have specialty dishes, they shouldn’t shy away from any special requests you might make. Make sure that your chosen caterer is willing to accommodate whatever culinary masterpieces you desire.
    • A good caterer is easy to coordinate with. Whether your corporate event is a business lunch for 20 or a convention for 200, make sure that your chosen caterer can handle the number of people you are planning for. They should be able to coordinate the affair easily and without difficulty.
    • Their customer service should be flawless. Caterers deal with people regularly, so they should be able to handle them with care and respect. With so many different requirements and dietary needs presented by clients, your requests shouldn’t pose a problem. Pay close attention to how efficiently your caterer handles your needs.
    • Their staff is professional. You can tell a good caterer by more than just their food. If their staff is courteous and professional, that’s a good sign. Each staff member should be knowledgeable in serving etiquette and have the correct training to deal with clients. If the staff seems unorganized or rude, it can quickly ruin the mood of your event.
    • A good caterer provides more than just food. Make sure that your chosen caterer is equipped to handle more than just the food. They should be prepared and willing to provide transportation, set up, take down, and service for the meals you hire them for. Some caterers may even provide centerpieces, table linens, and other basic decorations to make your event even more spectacular.
    • An amazing caterer can’t be determined by cost. If a caterer costs an arm and a leg, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the best food. Finding amazing cuisine for a good price is possible. Don’t base your choice solely on your budget. It’s your job to find the best caterer for the most affordable price.


Whether you are looking for someone to handle your corporate lunch catering in Atlanta or for a caterer to provide food for your next conference, follow these 6 steps to ensure that you find the right company for your event.

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