Things to Consider before Hiring Catering Companies

Working with catering companies in Atlanta and finding the best one to fit your event might seem overwhelming. You have so many options, and each of those options will have a different menu, a variety of services, and things to think about. When you are looking for caterers in Atlanta for any type of event, it is important to keep these considerations in mind and ask these questions to make hiring a caterer a bit easier.

Do I Like Your Food?

The most important question to ask yourself before hiring a caterer is “Do I like the food?” This might seem obvious to some, but it becomes less obvious when you are planning a large event and are trying to save on costs. No matter what your budget for catering is, make sure that you actually like the caterer’s fare before hiring them. No amount of cost saving is worth it if you don’t end up actually enjoying the food you are served at your own event.

Do I Like You?

Regardless of the size of the event, you are going to be meeting with your caterer often as you are in the planning stages and then interacting with them and their staff quite a bit during your event as well. Make sure your caterer is someone you don’t mind spending a lot of time with. If you can’t work together, then the event is likely not going to come together the way you want it to.

How Can You Save Me Money?

Maybe you can save money by holding your event on a weekday where the caterer’s schedule is a bit more open. Maybe you don’t need to have the catering staff serve your guests. Perhaps there are tweaks that they can do on the menu. Whatever it is, if you are on a tight budget and saving money is important to you, ask the caterer if there is anything that you can do to reel in the costs a little. You can still have an amazing event with an equally amazing menu without breaking the bank. You might just need to do some digging.

What Other Services Can You Give Me?

Some caterers just do catering, and that’s fine. However, some catering companies also offer other services such as décor, florals, and equipment rental. Make sure to ask whether the caterer you are thinking of hiring is able to provide any other services to save you some time and even money on the day of your event.

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