What Makes a Corporate Event Successful

Catered food in AtlantaFor most people, mentioning the words “corporate event” is usually met with an audible sigh. This is because corporate events are notoriously boring and predictable. If you are in the planning stages of a conference, meeting, or another type of business get together, don’t let it fall into the “boring” category. Instead, follow a few of these tips and tricks to ensure that your attendees enjoy your event.

  • Change up the meeting format. Most conference formats are the same. They consist of hour long presentations in which most of your attendees lose interest or begin to doze off. Try mixing things up with short 5-minute flash presentations. You can also try shortening the long presentations to 20-30 minutes. When forced to pack a full presentation into a shorter time period, your keynote speakers will cover the important stuff that keeps your audience’s attention.
  • Rearrange the room. Lose the rows of chairs and tables. Instead, create something new. Offer couch seating or even stability balls to keep your guests comfortable. You could also arrange chairs in a circle. If the venue allows, you can even combine a few of these suggestions to better amp up the event.
  • Create a buzz. Most of your guests are members of several different social media platforms. Before the corporate event begins, create a hashtag that suits the event. Then encourage posts, pictures, and tags of the things going on throughout the conference. Offer prizes or create games using social media and the hashtags to make the time spent throughout presentations even more enjoyable.
  • Make the breaks tastier than ever. After a long hour of listening and taking notes, the last thing your guests want is a lame snack or subpar meal. Make sure that your corporate caterers in Atlanta provide top notch food and drinks to create a happier atmosphere. To make things really exciting, consider having themed days during your conference. For example, maybe Monday is Italian day. Each meal and snack should be a gourmet eating experience that reflects Italian cuisine. This gives your guests something to look forward to. Plus, it gives them a culinary experience that they will be talking about for years.
  • Incorporate fun into the schedule. While the main focus of your event will be business, don’t forget to add some lightheartedness. Finding fun activities will be different for each event, but should be incorporated no matter what. Dance parties, mixers, concerts, and wine tastings are just a few ideas that might suit your next event.
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From hiring corporate caterers to dance competitions, it’s important to spice up your next event. By implementing a few of these tips and tricks, you set the bar high for any other business events that your guests attend in the future.

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