Top Characteristics You Must Have in Your Wedding Caterer

This seems like an obvious characteristic you would want caterers in Atlanta to have, but it still ranks high on our list. Some people that claim to be caterers in fact have had no culinary training whatsoever and are working as amateurs self-promoting their services. It’s important for your caterer to have training and experience so that you know they can be versatile with their menu.

Food Safety and Handling

Your caterer should be knowledgeable about special dietary and cultural food needs. For instance, people that have severe food allergies and intolerances would become very sick if there were cross-contamination of an allergen during food preparation. Also, some cultures have specific laws that govern how food can be prepared. For example, for some in the Jewish culture, it is vital that meat and dairy not be stored, prepared, or served together. Another thing a good caterer considers is a clean kitchen. Bacteria and germs can get everywhere. Hand washing, disinfecting food prep areas, and cleaning kitchen tools is something you should ask about.

Creativity and Detail

Caterers should be able to help clients bring their visions to life and also be able to dazzle undecided clients with ideas. Good caterers make sure that close attention is paid to small things such as plating, arrangements, colors, the type of food served, sights, and smells. They create a pleasant experience through food. Sometimes they can be so creative that their food is not only delicious, but also artistic! The best caterers can make breathtaking displays out of food that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


Your caterer needs to be able to handle a budget, manage staff, execute tasks on time, and be responsive to your calls and emails. When you place an order for catering services in Atlanta, you expect that your needs will be met because you are now employing them to play a major role at your event. Caterers are not just cooks and bakers, they are business owners and must have excellent management skills in order to be successful.

People Skills

This is the front line duty of a catering company. Whoever meets with potential clients must be a people person. He or she should be able to converse professionally with clients, be affable and flexible, understand needs and wants, not over-promise on services that cannot be accommodated, and be comfortable meeting with all different kinds of people. If the caterer does not have these qualities, then someone else must be employed to perform this job for them.

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