10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Caterer

It is possible to save money on your wedding without cutting corners or sacrificing things that are very important to you. Here in Atlanta, we know that a wedding is a huge expense for most engaged couples. You can save a lot of money on all the elements of your wedding by asking the right questions. With that in mind, our team at Art of Food has compiled the following top 10 key questions to ask  wedding caterers in Atlanta.

  1. Do You Offer Seasonal or Weekday Discounts? Some caterers will offer discounts on their services during the off season and for events that are held on weekdays.
  2. How Many Weddings Will You Do This Year? It is imperative that you work with wedding caterers who have been in business for a while. Although you might save money, hiring a wedding caterer that is inexperienced will likely do more damage than good.
  3. Are You Familiar with My Wedding Location? Every location has different features and policies on catering. Make sure your caterer knows what these are for your wedding.
  4. What Will Be Included in Your Cost? You can save by selecting services a la carte. For example, they might provide tables and chairs, but you could possibly save by doing this yourself.
  5. What Other Services Can You Provide? You might also save money by having one provider such as your caterer provide multiple services at your wedding, such as table and chair rentals, cake and cutting services, and more.
  6. Do You Have a Specialty or a Signature Item? Many caterers are known for one particular item that they serve. You might be able to save money by sticking with what the caterer knows best.

  7. What Are Your Feelings about Themed Menus?
     Some themed menus might be less expensive than others. A luau themed wedding or a barbecue for example might require less food and be more cost effective.
  8. How Many Servers Will You Have? Know how many servers there will be available. While a great number of servers could mean guests don’t go too long between bites, you might be able to save by having fewer servers at your event.
  9. Are You Licensed and Insured? License and insurance is important. It protects you from liability in the event that one of the catering staff is injured or something goes wrong at your wedding.
  10. Can You Provide References? The best way to save money on your wedding is to hire the right wedding caterers. Make sure that the catering company comes highly recommended and that you are checking their references prior to hire.

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