Guide to a Successful Graduation Party

Graduation parties are a great celebration of a lot of hard work. Though there are a few different graduation parties to be had over time, one of the favorites is a high school graduation. High school kids love nothing more than a good party, and this is a great opportunity to celebrate their achievement. If you are looking to throw a successful graduation party, here are just a few tips from our professional caterers at The Art of Food.

The Budget

Before you start planning, you’ll want to set a budget. A party can quickly get out of hand if you don’t have a budget in place, so be sure to set one within reason. Most graduation parties don’t have to be outrageous, but just nice enough for memories to last a lifetime. Depending on whether you decide to have a small party, or a large one in a banquet hall, you’ll want to set the pricing accordingly. A caterer will be able to help you with the different pricing for the different sizes of parties, so be sure to ask!

The Venue

Next, you’ll want to determine where the party will be held. There are a lot of different options for a graduation, including your home or backyard, especially if the weather is nice. If you are looking to have a smaller group, some people prefer to go to a restaurant, but a home can be nice, especially if you have caterers in Atlanta come and take care of the food for you. We recommend this option, simply because it makes a stressful time just a little easier.

The Menu

After you determine where the party will be held, you’ll want to figure out the menu. Many parties have some sort of a theme, so be sure and think about that before you determine the menu. If your teen is a baseball player, maybe you’ll want to have a ballpark themed menu, complete with barbecue chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, and peanuts! Another option is to have a theme based on your teen’s favorite food. That can be pizza, tacos, or even pasta, and you can theme the food from there!

The Dessert

One of the most important things about a party is the dessert. Most people tend to have cake for occasions like a graduation, but sometimes we prefer other desserts, especially if your teen hates cake! Some other great options that are easier for serving are cupcakes, brownies, lemon bars, or other finger food desserts. You won’t want them to be disappointed with the food, but especially not the dessert!
If you are looking to have your son or daughter’s graduation party catered, look no further than the Art of Food. We can take care of your every need to make sure that your graduation party goes swimmingly and ends up being a celebration that you’ll remember forever.

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