5 Tips for Planning Your Next Catering Event

When it comes to corporate events, meetings, or workdays, there are a number of priorities on any manger’s mind, including productivity, revenue, and a number of routine daily tasks. If the mood is light and celebration is the tone of the event, enjoying oneself takes precedence over any other planning duties. Whatever the purpose of the gathering, though, one truth always applies: nobody involved wants to take care of food preparation. Sometimes, managers even dread hiring caterers because anticipating the food and beverage needs for a successful event can prove difficult or even risky.

Consider these 5 pieces of advice from our experienced team and you will discover just how minimal your planning duties as a manager should be.

When to Book

First of all, hire a corporate caterer as soon as you have a date and time for your event; securing them in advance, like planning ahead for important business matters, always ensures success.

Who to Hire

Hire only professional caterers; planning a potluck meal–in which all attendees bring a home-cooked food item–can lead to unsanitary or unsavory food items and hiring a casual, part-time caterer can leave you high and dry when their lack of professionalism fails you. Caterers with years of corporate event planning experience and positive reviews will guarantee great fuel for your hardworking team or enjoyable meals for a relaxing event.

What to Serve

Professional caters often have standby menu items or reliable meals clients frequently request that will surely please. If you want to go off script and request a specific meal, keep the following in mind:

  • Plan to serve at least 1 vegetarian item.
  • Leave nuts, shellfish, and other common allergens off the menu; in fact, you may want to poll your staff to ensure your event provides food and drinks that are safe for all attendees.
  • Stick to common ingredients that everyone has heard of; avoid exotic or experimental meals.

How to Plan

Once you hire a professional caterer and suggest your preferred meal items and beverage choices, simply hand over a rough estimate of the number of attendees. Good caterers know how to prepare for the proper portion sizes, amount of servings, extras for drop-in attendees, and food waste prevention. Do not do the calculations yourself; stick to the work you do best and leave caterers to theirs.

Where to Start

We suggest that you start by researching well-reviewed, fully experienced, and highly talented corporate caterers in your area. They can provide you with delicious and filling meals as well as refreshing beverages for successful work-related functions or celebrations with your staff.

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