Cater To Your Employees

Professional development is an aspect of the business world that no one really enjoys except the boss. When an employee sees the words “lunch provided” on an agenda, they immediately become interested. At Art of Food, we aim to be the highlight of your regular business day or work day dedicated to meetings. Read below the top reasons why your employees deserve a catered lunch.

No matter how interesting or necessary the topic of conversation, most business meetings are boring and monotonous for employees.  The moment they enter the conference room, they begin the lunch countdown. If left to their own vices, employees will take the longest lunch imaginable. However, if they are given fabulous and healthy lunch options, they will almost always stay in-house. By giving your workers a great meal, they will forget that they are being tracked for their timely return to their meeting.

In a business that has over a hundred workers, it’s hard to make sure employees are cordial and get along. A great benefit of hosting a catered lunch at your company is that it promotes employee camaraderie. There is no better way to bond with co-workers than over a great meal. Employees that have never spoken find themselves in a situation commenting on the exquisite cuisine and thoughtfulness of the business where they work.

Many workers sit through tiresome meetings waiting on the moment it will all be over. We offer nutritious meals that will have your employees energized for the rest of the meeting or work day. From hot to cold lunches, we can accommodate your lunch catering needs. In fact, we also offer original breakfast options to start your work day off right.

Employees are cheap. No matter how much you pay them, they are always looking for something free at work. If one day a week you provide them with a catered meal, you can save them money. But saving them money can begin a positive trickle-down effect. By saving them money, you also show them how much you appreciate them. This appreciation can encourage loyalty. Ultimately, it can become more than just a job—it becomes a career that workers enjoy. It can also increase employee attendance.

Overall, a happy employee is a productive employee. Send the message to your staff that they are more than just a number or name. Show them you care by providing a catered meal that they can enjoy and you can enjoy with them.

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