Questions to Ask to Find a Great Breakfast Caterer

You’ve got an important event coming up and you want to impress your guests and associates with a catered breakfast. But before you start contacting breakfast caterers in your area, what are some of the questions you should have in mind to ask them?

What’s on the Menu?

Next, find out what your prospective caterer offers as specialties and ask what a typical breakfast would include. People can be very picky about breakfast, so consider including a wide range of options. Caterers often showcase special menus that are already priced out and include various selections of items, from a quiche breakfast and traditional dishes centered on eggs and sausage or bacon, to house specialties and a full-service omelet station. Ask to see an itemized menu that lists the per-person cost and includes extras and their cost as well.

May I Taste a Sample?

Nothing beats sampling the caterer’s creations prior to making your decision, so be sure to ask if you can have a sampling of what foods will be served at your event, or at least a few representative items to give you a good idea of the quality of the caterer’s offerings.

Can You Handle Special Needs?

Remember to ask about special items for your guests who may have special dietary needs or requests. Caterers should offer items for people who avoid gluten, prefer vegetarian or vegan dishes, or keep Kosher. Arranging for these needs ahead of time ensures that your event will run smoothly and your guests will be happy.

How Many People Will Work the Event?

Find out how many staff people the caterer will have on hand for your event. Make sure the staff will be dressed appropriately for your event, whether it is formal or casual. Find out about tipping ahead of time so you’ll know what the caterer expects.

What Will Be Prepared On-Site?

Since your event may not be held at a place with a kitchen, ask about what food items will be prepared ahead of time and what will be prepared on-site and what additional charges may be added. It’s a good idea to find out what will be done with any significant leftovers—will they be given to you, boxed up for the guests, or donated to people in need?

These are just some of the most important items to research when you look for breakfast catering for your event. With the right foresight and planning, you can be sure of having a successful event and satisfied guests!

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