Can Art of Food handle “last minute” orders?

MAYBE! It all depends on how flexible you can be. When there is little lead-time on your order, the Designer Deli is the easiest cold buffet to assemble within a short time frame. The Sandwich Assortment and Sandwich Box Lunches can also often be done with a small size group (10-20 people.) In most cases you will have to accept whatever sandwich meats or salads are available. After all, the food is made fresh! Your salad is not being poured out of a box!

Often times, the kitchen can produce your order, but the delivery vans are leaving momentarily. In that case, you also need to be flexible on your delivery time. There are times when the kitchen can produce your food and a delivery vehicle can come back AFTER its scheduled route. It can then pick-up your food and deliver it to you. It may be a little later that you originally wanted, but at least you know lunch is coming and it will be tasty!

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